Sunday, 22 February 2015

Orla Gartland gig 15/2/15

Orla giving it socks!

This day last week I was lucky enough to attend Orla Gartlands gig in the Sugar club Dublin.

When we arrived at the venue we got to go to the preshow meet and greet. When we first went in Orla was standing at the door saying hello and giving everyone hugs. When we first went in and she hugged me I may or may not of freaked out and cried...moving on.

Orla and David the busker.
(sorry for bad phone quality)

So then Orla got everyone who was at the presale meet and greet to come down to the front of the venue. She introduced us to who she called David the Busker. She explained how she had found him busking out side of the venue just before the show and invited him in to perform for us. They did exactly that and they did a duet of Blank space by Taylor Swift. Which in all honesty was brilliant. (by the way Davids a youtuber check out his chanel here) I actually have a blog post with David coming up soon so keep an eye out for that.

Top: Chanele Mcguinness and her E.P Untold
Bottom: Martin Luke Brown and his E.P :Take out of me

As you can tell by the pictures Orla had two amazing support acts. Chanele McGuinness opened up the show by singing original songs off of her E.P Untold.. and some covers. After she had performed I was able to meet her! And buy her E.P which she very kindly signed for me. She was so lovely to talk to plus she complemented my outfit! Chanele also has a youtube chanel which you can check out here. After she performed Martin Luke Brown then came on and performed his own original songs off of his E.P take out of me . I met him after his performance and he was very friendly and signed hs E.P for me also plus he said he liked my hat !

Afterwards Orla came on and blew everyone away as you can imagine. She was so and energetic onstage along with her band and back round singer. Literally there wasn't a dull moment the whole night! 

Me and Orla after the gig!

After the gig Orla did another meet and greet were she met everyone in the audience. Which was so kind of her and she signed autographs for everyone also. Plus I made two new friends when I was waiting to get my picture taken. And Orla took pictures with us all together!.

Myself Orla and my new friends Aoife and Ruth

All of the merch I got and she wrote "Don't cry" on her lonely people E.P. I may or may not be absolutely skint after buying all of her merch but it was worth every penny.

Have you ever seen Orla in concert?

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