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Interview with Lydia Jarvis!

Lydia Jarvis.

Well its been a while since I've done this.

Anywho hello all! sorry it's been a while I've been very busy cause ya know I had things to do and food to eat. But I'm back with another interview. (you can read the other two here and here). This weeks one is with Lydia Jarvis.Lydia is a 17 year old girl from surrey who has racked up over 10,000 views on her youtube channel I came across her when I was scrolling through Instagram looking at all the entries for Christina Perries's competition to support her on her Irish and English tour. Who did I happen to come across Lydia of course. So as you can Imagine I clicked on to her profile straight away and noticed she had a youtube channel.

When I was scrolling through the videos on her youtube a channel I she was doing covers by artists like All Time Low The 1975 and 5sos. I instantly loved her channel not only because she had the exact same music taste as me*hair flip* but also because of her original songs I found I loved as well.
After about an hour of scrolling through her youtube channel I quickly asked her over Instagarm would she be interested in doing an interview. She replied saying she'd love to. We go to talking over Instagram and found we have so much in common.  So without further ado I give you my interview. (haha that rhymed)

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Why did you start Youtube?
I’ve always been pesuing youtube for as long as I can remember.I think danisnotonfire was the first person I subscribed to when he was still living in his parents house .It always amazed me people could make a living from uploading videos to youtube from there bedroom. I think the main inspiration (among many others) was 5 seconds of summer. I ve been a fan of theres for about two years now now and seeing them getting more popular with every passing day amazes me. I think about there humble beginnings and  comparing that to were they are now is just incredible. I don’t think I could ever make it as far as them but there journey gives me hope that one day I could make it somewere *looks off dramatically into the distance* 

Who are your favourite artists?
(bands and singers)
Jamie Cullen
All Time Low
Pierce the veil
Jack Johnson

When did you start writing songs?
Probably when I was about 8 I never finished them though.

When did you start singing?
I’ve been singing in school choirs and concerts since I was about 6. But my Mum only realised it was something I had a talent for when I was about 14 and so she decided to get me singing lessons at school. She came up to me after the concert really surprised that I could actually sing. I don’t know whether to take that as a compliment or an insult ahaha

Who would you like to be as famous as?
Like Megan Collins said in your interview with her Its not really about the fame I would love to been known for my sound and the music I create. Id love to have enough fans to do tours around the U.K or maybe internationally (I can dream) that would be incredible.

When did you start playing guitar/ukulele?
I was probably about 8 my mum gave me her old guitar that her dad gave to her when she was about my age. I never really took it seriously only learning the basic chords. Its only the last couple of years that I’ve been learning a bit more and ‘permanently borrowing’ guitars from my dad. With the ukulele I got a cheap one for my 15th birthday and just started playing it then.

Do you play any other Instruments?
Yeah I play clarinet piano I sing I play guitar ukulele the drums and Cajon drum J I’m classically trained in piano and clarinet those were the first instruments I started playing so maybe that’s what inspired me to explore the more popular musical instruments like guitar and singing.

What was the name of the first song you ever wrote and who/what was it for?      
Oh my god I’m to scared to look it was called ‘U changed me’. I wrote it when I was 11 and it should be locked away for all eternity. The first line was ‘U came along and stole my heart you took it right away’. I remember showing my music teacher at school and being so proud and now I cant read it without having a violent cringe attack  ahaha. Hopefully ive moved on since then. Its not the first song I wrote but it’s the first one I finished. I don’t normally write songs about people so like most of the songs I write I just sort of create an imaginary person/relationship

Favourite songs?
English love affair – 5sos (that song is definitely about me)
Opposite of adults –Chitty bang (I can rap the entire song)
Hold on till may –Pierce the veil
Goodnight moon –Go Radio
Miserable at best –Mayday parade
The irony of chocking on a lifesaver –All Time Low
Do you remember –Jack Johnson
She falls asleep –Tom Fletcher
Ultra violet –McFly
Homesick –Catfish and the bottleman 

I really loved your cover were you did split screen and sang alongside Luke Hemmings were did you get the idea?
Theres an awesome YouTube musician called Izzy Naylor who did one with Calum Hood he saw that and she eventually got signed with John Delf who frequently works with 5sos. I didn’t think that would happen to me but I just love the idea of singing alongside Luke Hemmings or anyone else I admire. I’m hoping one day I could duet with him but that is very very far off in the future

Celebrity crush?
I have a lot and I meen a LOT but if you forced me to marry one I would probably pick Calum Hood sorry Luke Hemmings Will Poulter Dylan O’brien Niall Horan Harry Styles Dan Howell and Ansel Elgort I’ll come back for you one day.

What influenced you to start music?
I’m not really sure for as long as I can remember I have been musical when I was 2 I was in a club called mini maestros so maybe it started there ahaha. Ive always been involved in choirs orchestras and other musical groups but I only started taking guitar and singing seriously in the last few years. To give you a short answer I don’t think I was really ever inspired in the conventional sense to start music it has always just been there.

What is your dream venue to headline?
I’d love to play at the royal Albert hall or the O2 academy in Brixton. Obviously those are both very far off reach but maybe I could do it one day. 

I would like to say Thank you to Lydia for agreeing to do this and taking the time out of her day to reply to my emails and instagram messages im going to leave the links to her social medias including youtube down below.

Once again i would like to say thank you to Lydia and I'm going to leave you with my favourite cover of her which I mentioned earlier on in the post.

thanks for reading 

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