Thursday, 10 July 2014

Nina Nesbitt album review- Peroxide.

Hello everyone sorry for the lack of posts this month I've been super busy. As you all are probably aware at this stage I am a huge fan of Nina Nesbitt. She released her debut album 'Peroxide' last Febuary and it is safe to say that I absolutely adore it. I have been a huge fan of Nina's since the 'Apple Tree E.P' I stumbled across it one day on youtube and fell head over heals for her music the minute I heard it.Afterwards I looked up more of her E,P's and loved all of them. I started to do more research and soon began to love everything about her from her style to her to her personality I adored.

Nina has literally written about a lot of different topics from drinking in a bus shelter to a very observant night out in London. The album is jam- packed with catchy tunes. It has something for everyone on it everything from slow piano love songs (hold you) to an upbeat sixty's style tune (he's the one I'm bringing back ) The album consists of alot of her well known singles such as selfies and stay out. But it is mainly made up of brand new unheard songs. There isn't a single track that I don't love off the album. Every track has something new to bring to the table.

As I said earlier there is something for everyone on her album. But if you are only now listening to her music I would recommend ' Stay Out , 18 candles, Mr.C, Peroxide and Some you win'. But if you want to start off with something more toned down and more guitar/acoustic style of music why not try some of her E,P's ? She has had 5 E.P's out all together. The names of her E,P's are (in order of release) 'The live take E.p, The Apple tree E.p, Boy E.P, Stay Out E.P and Way in the world E.P'


My favourite songs off the album change all the time but  at the moment they are ' The Outcome , He's the one I'm bringing back, Tough luck, Peroxide and some you win'. I mentioned earlier that each song has something new to offer The proof of that statement is in those five songs I just mentioned above. ' He's the one I'm bringing back' is a sixty's style song based on a girl who is sick of everyone looking down on her because of the fact that there is a age gap between her and her boyfriend. The song is basically telling everyone that she doesn't care about the fact that there is an age difference and to put your eyes on someone else. Tough luck as Nina described as the ' angry song ' on the album. It is very different from any other song she has ever written. I really like this track because I think that Nina really gets her emotions of how she felt at the time across. The reason I chose to compare He's the one I'm bringing back and Tough luck is because it shows how versatile Nina's music can be.

One track that sticks out a lot for me is The people. When I first heard this track I was blown away by it. The title is pretty self explanatory on what it is about. The people and humanity in general about how we treat life. Its quite a difficult track to explain so I would recommend listening to it. I promise the song will do all the talking. One of the reasons I was so impressed with this track is because it started off as just another song she had written in her bedroom at the age of 15 before she had even been discovered to this massive 5 minute song with over 5000 voices on it.. It is without doubt one of the best tracks she has ever written.

I hope you all enjoyed that and i shall be posting soon

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