Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Steal his style Matty Healy!

Matty Healy.

Not only is he number one on my husband list but this man really knows how to dress. Matty is the lead singer from a popular band known as The1975. The band consists of four members Matty, Adam, George and Ross. This band has completely managed to turn the face of pop music all because of there number one hit chocolate. I first came across this band because of Nina Nesbitt ( I also wrote a S.HS. on Nina Nesbitt you can read it here ) When I first saw her cover chocolate I instantly loved the song. I eventually got around to looking them up. The minute I started listening to there music I completely fell in love. I was shocked to find that  there wasn't a single song I didn't love off there album. Along with falling in love with there music an uppsesion soon developed. When I started looking up pictures of Matty I couldn't get over how well he dressed. Everything from his hair to his shoes was just perfection In my opinion he definitely has the best sense of style out of everyone in the band so thats why I chose him for todays ' S.H.S'.

Matty is extreamly fond of  the colour black come to think of it I don't think I have ever seen him in any other colours besides grey, black and white. Matty really take's '' dressed in black from head to toe'' to a whole other level. To get Mattys look the first thing you'll have to do is stock up on black skinny jeans. He is also a big fan of monochrome more so in the summer though. One of Matty's signature look's is his oversize black knitted jumper with skinny black jeans and lace up boots. This is an outfit that almost anyone can create. It would look just as good on men or women though I would mainly recommend it for men. At festivals Matty is often seen wearing Elton-John-Style sunglasses.If you would rather go for the monochrome look then simply swap the knitted jumper for a black and white T-shirt or a plain white T-shirt. Matty tends to go for a more comfy shoe like Doc martens or converse but in all fairness to him he does love a good chelsea boot hear and again. To sum up his style you could probably say he likes very plain outfits that consist of alot  of black. I think Mattys style would be best recreated on someone who still wants to look stylish but not to out there at the same time.
Mattys hair.
If you know anything about Matty you will know about how glorious his hair is. The only word I can think of to describe it is original. Its completely different to anything else you would usually see.It consists of a long-ish mo-hawk type thing...............( you can tell I've never tried to describe his hair before) It is quite an easy look to achieve you would just simply grow your hair long-ish and shave both sides of your head


So over all I think we can agree that everything from his tattoos to his hair to his clothes is pure perfection
I hope you enjoyed that and I shall be posting again soon bye
-Izzy x

P.S before I forget my lovely friend Niamh has started a blog you can read it by clicking here I would recommend it as she is fab.


  1. I LOVE it guurl, (And not just because I feature at the bottom *hair flip*) You made me wanna dye my hair black and shave the sides off, fab post!

    1. Aaaaw thanks! Guuuuurl your blog is just as fab though :) EVERYONE GO READ NIAMHS BLOG