Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Steal her style: Haim


Hello everyone. I think its time for another S.H.S. As I have not done one in a while. Today it is going to be about the fabulous Haim  sisters. I discovered these girls last year from someone else's blog. Oh! How I  love this adorable three-o. For those of you who aren't aware Haim is a band from America made up of 3 sisters. It includes Este, Danielle and Alannah. It's not just their music I adore their style is perfection. I am going to talk you through each girls style individually. Starting with Alannah.....


Alannah Haim more commonly known as ''Baby Haim'' is the youngest of the 3. She has quite a laid-back style. If you want to full on copy her style then I suggest you pick up a pair of her signature black Calvin Klein shorts. She is seen wearing theses more than any other piece of clothing in her wardrobe. She wears them everywhere on stage or out and about. She usually pairs them with black ankle boots and T-shirts or oversized denim t- shirts. When your picking a  t-shirt don't go to crazy with the design pick something simple and keep it in the black, grey or white family.

Danielle Haim.

 Danielle Haim is the middle child of the three sisters she is also the lead singer. Danielle definitely has the most tom-boy look of them all. She tends to wear a lot of  black some elements of her style cross over with Alannah. Start off the look with an oversized leather jacket .For the summer a short sleeved leather jacket. She usually goes for simple all black outfits but mixed with a lot of different textures . For example a leather jacket cotton T-shirt black jeans topped off with biker boots. She sometimes mixes it up with a denim shirt or shorts. Sometimes she would wear denim shorts and T-shirt mainly in the summer.

Este Haim.

 Este Haim is the oldest of the 3 and is by far the most girly. She ( in my opinion ) definitely has the best sense of style out of the three. She is girly but edgy. She doesn't just wear plain skirts or dresses she often wears bra tops with her skater skirts. When it comes to her dresses she can be quite versatile first she will be at a festival in a white lace dress next she'll be rocking out on stage in a black skater dress. She is also quite a big fan of florals her bra tops are usually floral and she also sometimes wears floral dresses. For her shoes she is quite similar to her sisters in the fact that she mainly wears ankle boots but if she is at a more casual event she is often seen in converse.

Hair and Makeup

Haim are very well known for their hair they all have the same style long with no layers. But Danielle has quite dark hair whilst Alannah is much lighter. Este's hair colour is more similar to Alannah's but she has blonde ombré in her hair . For there makeup they all keep it really natural they don't wear much no eye shadow no blush. Este often wears red lipstick but besides that its all the same.

To top off the Haim look start growing out your hair learn to play guitar teach yourself some dance moves . Next thing you know you are being mistaken for  Haim sister.

I hope you all enjoyed that post and I will be back with more soon

-Izzy x

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