Sunday, 30 March 2014

Collective haul March.

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Everything I bought over the month of March!

Hello all today I have Haul post for you all. Its a collective haul over the month of March. I didn't buy much this month as I am going to Spain Next month and need to save my money. But I decided to do this post as it will probably be my last haul post until after Spain. So lets get straight into it!

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So why not start off the haul with something pretty epic. My new shoes I bought on St.Patricks day in Schuh . You saw these in my St. Patricks O.O.T.D. I have been wearing these all month. They go with evrything  . they were 36 euro. So not too expensive but worth every penny.

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I went shopping with one of my friends not too long ago and I picked up a few things. The first thing I picked up was the Kate Moss for Rimmel Matte Collection lipstick in the shade 107. This lipstick is constantly raved about in the beauty bloggers world. So of course I had to pick it up . It is a dark red colour very on trend at the moment. Once again it is very wearable and goes with everything. I'm not sure on the exact price but I think it was between 5-6 euro so very affordable.
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The next thing I got on the same shopping trip was a Wet'n'Wild eyeliner. Now as you are all probably aware Wet'n'Wild was released in Ireland this month *squeals* . After two years of having to listen to American and Australian bloggers/Youtubers go on about it was  finally released in Ireland . I only picked up one item which was this eyeliner obviously .This is probably one the best eyeliners i have ever bought after it only being a wee one ninty-nine. The quality is brilliant it stays all day and does not budge. The eyeliner itself is really long and is bound to last a while. I cant wait to try more items from the Wet'n'Wild range. Oh and I forgot to mention its also vegan friendly so everybody wins!

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Swatches of the lipstick and eyeliner (excuse my bad photography)

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 Next thing I picked up was the Natural collection press powder in the shade neutral.. Now if your like me and prefare a matte finish to your skin then I would definitely recomend this powder . The foundation I use is Rimmel's wake me up foundation . Now don't get me wrong it is still a brilliant foundation just it leaves the skin with a glowy finish which I'm not really into so by using this powder it leaves the skin with a complete matte finish.

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Now the last few bits of my haul were a gift off my aunty (thank you) I received a toner a youth activater and corrector . These are my first Lancome products to own so I am excited to try them. Expect a review comin your way soon!

So that is everything I bought over the month of March I hope you enjoyed that post and I'll be posting soon bye
Izzy x

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