Sunday, 23 March 2014

Steal her Style: Nina Nesbitt

Hello all ! Today I thought I would start a new blog series called '' Steal her/his Style''. This blog series is basically going to be about different celebrities style and how to recreate their style. If you have any celebrity's who you would like me to write about in this the new series leave requests below!

So I thought I would start off the series with one my biggest style icons out there and that is Nina Nesbitt. I have been a fan of this lovely Scottish lass since the apple tree E.P. Not only is it her style I love, her music is AMAZING! She is by far one of my favourite singers.

Now lets talk more about her style Nina is always bang on trend with everything she wears. She always looks perfect I will forever envy her crazy blonde hair and amazing Nike blazers collection.

Here are a few of my favourite Nina outfits.

As you can see from looking at her style she usually goes for quirky alternative outfits which are amazing. If you want to full on copy her style I suggest you check out ''Beyond Retro'' as she said in a recent Q & A that it was her favourite online shopping website. She is also often spotted wearing pieces from high street shops such as River Island and Topshop.

Now time to talk about her makeup and hair (yay!) If you want to recreate her makeup look Nina nearly always goes for a 50's pin-up look with a winged eye-liner and classic red lip. She sometimes likes to swap the classic red lip for a baby pink or even purple.

To get the full Nina Nesbitt look you would have to top it off with her messy-wavy-curly bleach blonde hair. Now I know not everyone would go as far as to bleach there hair but you could still get that messy layed back look by curling your and adding salt spray. A lot of the time Nina is seen sporting pastel coloured dip-dye . So if your not willing to go all the way and dye your hair blonde why not try a dip-dying it? Its something thats affordable easy to do and will definately add a touch of Nina quirky-ness and fun into your look.


I would also just like to mention you should all check out her music it is amazing.

Well thats all for today I hope you enjoyed my post don't forget to comment follow and like. See you all soon bye
-Izzy x


  1. Isobel your blog is so cool and professional! <3 xx

  2. omg isobel could you do jessie j?? :)

    1. of course i will and thank you thats my first request hah xx